3 Reasons Why a 3PL Partnership Is Important to Your Business

A lot of different components come together to make your business successful, like its product or service, its employees, its delivery system, its business processes, and its customer service.

An important piece of that puzzle is logistics, which is why your company’s warehousing, distribution, and other services need to be properly aligned to deliver the ultimate in service.

One way your business can accomplish this goal is through a partnership with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, like Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services. In fact, three factors in particular make such a partnership key to your company’s bottom line.

Reason #1: Advanced Warehousing and Distribution Processes

It’s pretty hard to justify investing in assets for logistics functions if they are not your core business. This is where a 3PL partnership is a viable solution. Your business can enjoy advanced warehousing and distribution processes without having to invest in infrastructure, equipment, software, staff, and other related expenses.

And if your company is in a highly competitive field, these advanced processes can set your business apart from your competitors. This will help you retain your existing customers and attract new ones.

For example, as a 3PL partner in your business, Brendamour Warehousing can evaluate your warehousing, distribution, and logistics services and implement advanced processes specific to your business that can make a difference to your bottom line and the service your customers receive. This, in and of itself, can put you ahead of your competition.

Reason #2: Faster Response to Issues

Any crimp in logistics, whether it’s a delay in receiving raw materials, out-of-stock inventory, or delivery delays, can set your business back. But with a 3PL partner, any type of issue not only can be predicted, but resolved quickly.

Public warehouses with 3PL services, like Brendamour, are experts in ensuring a seamless operation of your logistical process. It is, after all, their core business.

Using advanced technological equipment, programs, and services, monitoring of all warehousing and distribution activities takes place continually, so incidences of an out-of-stock item in the warehouse or a delay in meeting your promised delivery date are minimized or eliminated completely.

Reason #3: Valuable Logistics Intelligence

Many business owners look at a 3PL as just an outsourced service. However, you are not just hiring a company to manage your warehousing, distribution, and other logistical services. You should view it as hiring a firm to be a partner in your success.

For example, Brendamour Warehousing has a staff with incredible knowledge to provide insight into logistics, expertise in technical support, and skills to handle your goods safely while in our warehouse.

At Brendamour, our success is solely reliant on your company’s success, which is why we provide the business intelligence to make your logistics success happen.

Partnering With Brendamour

If you’re ready for your business to achieve a higher level of performance in the areas of warehousing, distribution, and other services, contact Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services today to get started.

We’ll develop a complete logistics system for your business that is tailored to your needs. In doing so, your business will be well positioned to realize market position advantages, customer service improvements, cost efficiencies, and long-term success.

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