Addressing Your Fears of Outsourcing Your Logistics

We totally get that you’re fearful about turning your logistics over to a third party logistics (3PL) provider. Who wouldn’t be? After all, it’s your company and its reputation on the line. That’s why Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services considers itself an extension of your company and does whatever it takes to address your outsourcing fears head-on and demonstrate the systems and processes we have in place to alleviate your concerns.

Over the years, we have found that the most common fears associated with outsourcing logistics to a 3PL are linked to five potential risks. Here’s a look at them and the risk reduction measures we have in place to ensure a smooth and responsive partnership with you.

The Fear of Losing Control

We understand your concerns about losing full control over your storage and distribution when handing over your products to a third-party public warehouse. But with Brendamour’s advanced warehouse management system, you never lose that control. You can log in to your secure online account at any time and see the real-time status of your goods and where they are in the supply chain.

The Fear of Mistakes Being Made

Mistakes in warehousing and distribution occur because of inefficient management, inexperienced workers, a failure to obtain all the pertinent information about the client’s needs and a lack of clear protocols that address the logistics needs of the client. Brendamour eliminates the risk of mistakes with hands-on management personnel with an extensive background in logistics management, a comprehensive continuing education and training program for our staff, and our thorough information gathering and sharing practices. Our information technology systems are accurately programmed with your operational information and are accessible to all those involved with your account so they are fully knowledgeable about your logistics expectations. Plus, Brendamour Warehousing’s management and staff keep close watch over our processes to ensure your logistics needs are being met to your specifications every step of the way. We demand nothing but high accountability from our employees because we know you and your business depends on it. Our performance matrix ensures that we are delivering warehousing and distribution services to your specifications.

The Fear of Mismanagement of Your Goods

This is a valid concern whenever you entrust the handling of your merchandise to someone outside your organization. And with so many segments within the supply chain process, the opportunity for mishandling of your goods widens. But at Brendamour, our entire team is dedicated to the proper handling and safe delivery of your merchandise. Our quality controls extend to other delivery and transportation carriers we work with. We have a commitment of excellence to our clients that exceeds industry standards; if anything goes wrong, we’ll make it right.

The Fear of Customer Service Being Adversely Affected

As business owners ourselves, we know that customer service can make or break a business. That’s why our clients and our clients’ customers always receive the very best service. Our staff has been trained to be customer-service oriented and to follow our customer service objectives. What’s more, when we enter into a partnership with you to handle your warehousing, distribution and other logistics-related services, we put into place performance standards that our entire team follows to ensure we are not only meeting, but exceeding, the expectations of you and your customers.

The Fear of a Culture Conflict Between Companies

All businesses are run differently and have different business cultures. When you add an outsourced vendor to the mix, naturally concerns arise that organizational cultures between the two companies may conflict. Our philosophy at Brendamour Warehousing is to apply our expertise while respecting your established business culture, operations and goals. Whatever business values you have established, feel free to tell us about them so we can ensure they are incorporated into the warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment, distribution, processing, shipping and tracking, and other services we provide to you.

Brendamour Removes the Fear of Logistics Outsourcing

We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of selecting Brendamour Warehousing and Distribution as your third-party logistics service provider. To assist you in your information gathering stage of looking for a public warehousing provider, we offer tours of our facility, introductory meetings to get to know each other and discuss your needs, and as many follow-up meetings, phone calls and email exchanges you see fit to ensure we’re the best match for the logistics needs of your business.

Whether you’re a potential client or an existing Brendamour client, we want you to feel at ease with our services. We are always available to answer your questions or address your concerns, so please never hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here for you and truly value the trust you’re placing in us to manage your company’s logistics.

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