Business Benefits to Public Warehousing

As a business owner, you know how important business capital is to any type of business, of any size. The more capital you have, the better positioned your company is to succeed. Many businesses that initially seek out our public warehousing services as a means of securing extra storage for their stock soon realize the extent of third party logistics provided by Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services and added business benefits.

Fulfillment Services for Managing Stock

With Brendamour’s public warehousing, businesses receive fulfillment services that include receiving your goods or materials, storing them and shipping your goods to the end customer per your request.

These fulfillment services benefit businesses in several key ways:

  • Gaining automated backend processes without having to invest or upgrade your company’s infrastructure.
  • Having around the clock, real time access to your entire supply chain data so you know where your goods are at all times.
  • Automatic auditing to verify quantities and quality of receivables so your inventory is 100 percent accurate throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Complete control over how your goods are packaged, assembled, customized and distributed.
  • Access to an experienced and conscientious staff for assembly work or kitting your goods without increasing your payroll.
  • Advantages that come with our computerized shipping process, including faster delivery times and reduced shipping rates through efficient transportation and shipping routes.
  • Automated management reporting that gives you access to accurate inventory data and tracking reports upon demand.
  • Better management of your different product lines and overstocks.

Growth Without the Infrastructure Expense

One underlying benefit of a 3PL is scalability. With Brendamour Warehousing and Distribution, you can expand your business without having to take out a business loan or borrow against business assets to acquire or construct a new building, make renovations, purchase equipment and supplies, expand utilities and information technology, and other infrastructure expenses.

Besides providing additional space, a public warehouse like Brendamour offers office rentals, packing services, processing needs, import and export services and distribution to augment your company’s needs. And with unlimited space at your disposal, your sales are no longer restricted and your profits can grow by leaps and bounds.

Better Allocation of Resources

When companies allocate money and staff on areas that are not part of their core business, they lose valuable capital. Warehousing, distribution and logistics services are areas where businesses can save considerable dollars by outsourcing them. For instance, Brendamour Warehousing has been in the 3PL business for 30 years. Not only have we gained incredible expertise in the logistics industry and have the resources to implement the latest in logistics technology, we also have acquired knowledge, key resources and industry inside information that is not available to businesses outside the logistics industry. This depth of expertise gives you an adept warehousing, distribution and logistics company as a trusted business partner so you can focus on your core business goals.

Experience the Benefits of Brendamour

Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services welcomes visitors at any one of our four Midwestern locations to see our logistics operations in action. Get in touch with us anytime to schedule a tour. You’ll quickly discover how redirecting your business logistics to Brendamour will allow your company to expand with new products, sales territories and marketing opportunities, respond quicker to market changes and trends, and outpace your competition.

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