Does Your Business Need a Specialized 3PL?

Most third party logistics (3PL) providers offer general logistics services which, for the most part, serve businesses that need just basic warehousing and distribution services. But what about those businesses that need specialized logistics services?

That’s where a niche 3PL comes in, providing specific processes to handle specialized logistics. While not as abundant as traditional logistics providers, specialized logistics services providers (SLSPs) are increasing throughout the U.S. as more and more businesses require customization and greater logistics resources to remain competitive in a cost-effective manner in today’s marketplace.

Determine If Your Business Requires Specialized 3PL Services

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, your business most likely would benefit from a niche 3PL instead of a general logistics provider.

  1. Do you need special warehousing of your goods? This would include things like raw ingredients warehousing, refrigerated or frozen foods warehousing, and first in, first out warehousing and distribution.
  2. Do you require specialized processes for your orders? Some examples might be light assembly or cleanup of products, bundling of products, and customized packing, labeling, or inspection of goods before being distributed.
  3. Do you have a specific logistics situation that your business is unable to effectively handle in-house with existing resources? This could include freight management, pallet management, down stacking, cross docking, recycling, and return processing.
  4. Do you need labor specifically trained to handle your niche logistics concerns? This ranges from knowledge in warehouse sanitation and product staging to freight receiving and food freight integrity.
  5. Does your business need the services of a foreign trade zone?

What to Expect From a Specialized 3PL

Niche 3PLs have processes and procedures in place to ensure your company’s specialized needs are properly met. This is carried out through a strategic partnership agreement with your business that ensures open communications, increased efficiency of the warehousing and distribution of your goods, decreased dock time, and established business protocols, such as invoicing, order management, and customer communications.

With a specialized 3PL, your business realizes:

  • Customized picking and packing;
  • Specialized order processing and order fulfillment;
  • Proper handling of your goods by highly trained 3PL employees to meet applicable federal and state mandates;
  • Implementation of high quality control standards to ensure only products in good condition get distributed;
  • Regular reviews of operations to ensure they are meeting your company’s goals.

Brendamour Is Your Specialized 3PL

With four locations strategically located to serve the entire U.S., and a designated foreign trade zone provider, Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services has been meeting the specialized needs of businesses since 1983.

Brendamour’s comprehensive logistics services are designed to precisely provide the warehousing, distribution and other logistic services your business needs. Among our specialties are warehousing and distribution of bulk storage, raw materials, food grade goods, finished goods, machinery storage, special needs packing services, and import and export.

Contact us and tell us about your company’s needs. There are no customized logistics too big or too small for us to handle, plus you don’t need to be a big business to utilize the services of a specialized 3PL provider. Brendamour Warehousing accommodates all business types and sizes.

Our highly trained team looks forward to serving your specialized warehousing, distribution and other logistics needs to help your business remain competitive and successful.


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