How a 3PL Can Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses are known for their personalized and exceptional customer service. It’s why many consumers choose to shop at a small company over a big box store or large retail chain.

Thanks to e-commerce, small businesses can provide their personal service around the country and even globally without sacrificing their small business ideals. What makes it all possible? A third party logistics (3PL) provider.

Small businesses that have yet to tap into a public warehouse with logistics services are missing out on the many benefits a 3PL can provide to make it easier for them to provide their personalized customer service without location restrictions.

3PL Public Warehouses Help Small Businesses Fulfill Customers’ Needs

Besides personalized service, small businesses pride themselves on knowing their customers’ history, likes and dislikes, and needs so they can make the best recommendations when they come to shop.

Developing this one-on-one personal service is vital for small companies as they build ongoing relationships that keep customers coming back.

No matter whether the customer is in your local community or hundreds of miles away, a 3PL allows small businesses to build these trusting relationships with their customers by providing reliable order fulfillment and distribution services.

For example, at Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services, our sophisticated warehouse management system makes it possible for small businesses to get their goods to their customers quickly, accurately and efficiency.

3PLs Match the Flexibility of Small Businesses

One of the many advantages small businesses have over large companies is flexibility. Because of their size, small companies are quick to change and try new things to appeal to their customer base.

A 3PL is equally flexible and has the logistics services in place to help small businesses quickly bring a product to market.

At Brendamour Warehousing, our value-added services allow small businesses to bundle goods to offer an online flash sale, custom pack products, or assemble similar goods together at a moment’s notice based on customer feedback without having to dedicate additional resources.

An Omni Channel to Optimize the Customer Experience

Small business customers have expectations when they shop a small business, which can be incorporated into an e-commerce website. But when it comes to back-end operations, like fulfilling and delivering orders, small businesses have fewer logistics resources than big companies. That’s where a 3PL benefits small businesses.

Logistics operations can be complicated for small businesses with limited resources. But Brendamour Warehousing can provide the resources you need and handle your company’s logistics operations so you can focus on your customers.

First, we will evaluate your existing supply chain and help streamline it for maximum optimization. We can also provide those missing pieces, such as order processing, order fulfillment, transportation management, negotiating carrier rates, and reverse logistics, to expedite delivery of your customers’ orders to their front doors.

3PLs Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, Too

No doubt about it, people patronize a small business for the service. Customer service is the foundation of third-party logistics providers, as well. Just like small businesses, 3PLs provide attentive, accurate, and quick service to keep its customers.

At Brendamour, we have the systems, equipment, technology, and people in place to deliver red carpet service to you and your customers. We treat everyone like part of the family and deliver the customer service they expect and deserve.

As a small business with 3PL services, you can go beyond a brick-and-mortar store and personally interact with customers nationally and worldwide by partnering with us.

Learn more by contacting Brendamour Warehousing and see how a public warehouse with 3PL services can benefit your small business and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

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