How Brendamour Can Help Your Business Go Green

More and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious when it comes to the companies with which they do business. And rightly so. Their commitment is motivating businesses to go green not only with the products or services they offer, but in their buildings and business processes. With our eco-friendly public warehousing locations and business operations, Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Other Services is helping our clients provide green logistics.

Streamlining Sustains Resources

With third party logistics providers, businesses no longer have to build warehouses and furnish them with energy required equipment and utilities because the supply chain management resource already exists to handle your products. Just by using Brendamour Warehousing to streamline your logistics, your business works more efficiently, thus conserving on resources that tax our environment. Consider the energy saved by not powering a warehouse 24/7, running warehousing vehicles, or adding more freight routes. Plus, you reduce paperwork, preserve open space and reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your use of energy.

Our Automation Saves Trees

Our logistics services philosophy promotes complete automation, which means we’re saving trees by managing and reporting our warehousing, processing and distribution efforts electronically rather than on paper. And because you use our Web-based interface to manage inventory and communicate with us and your customers, you’re reducing your paper usage and copying needs, too.

Packing Materials that Stay Out of Landfills

In addition to warehousing and distribution, Brendamour offers other warehousing and distribution services that may involve custom packing, stretch wrapping, boxing and crating, container stuffing and other special services. Wherever possible, we use packing materials that are recyclable and practice responsible waste management that reduces our waste volume and increases recycling efforts.

Our Distribution Optimization Saves Fuel

As a leading 3PL in the Ohio and northern Kentucky areas, we need to distribute our clients’ goods, whether by land or air. But our green goal is to limit the number of trucks we put on the road by using shipping and trucking strategies that consolidate distribution. One way is through load planning optimization. Using automated software tools, we optimize trailer loading so freight trucks leaving our warehouse have a full truckload. In addition, we look for the fastest, most direct routes. This allows us to reduce fuel consumption and harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, our clients save on shipping costs through our consolidated shipping efforts.

Everyone Saves With Our Green Warehouses

Being a Cincinnati green public warehouse, Brendamour Warehousing practices eco-friendly measures wherever we can. We use energy saving LED motion detected lighting in our Midwest warehouse locations and our lift trucks are designed to conserve energy. We use pallets made of materials that last longer and can be recycled.

Brendamour also implements other efforts that promote sustainability, such as network optimization among our four Midwest warehouse locations. This allows us to optimize our services and assets so they are performing at the most efficient level possible while sustaining valuable environmental resources.

Go green with Brendamour and see how our modern equipment and advanced technology systems can handle the inventory management, storage and distribution of your products in a more eco-friendly manner. Contact us today to get started on your green logistics initiative.

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