How Brendamour Differs From Other 3PLs

You might think that logistics is all the same and as such, all third party logistics providers are alike. But nothing could be further from the truth. You’ll find differences in the infrastructure of the public warehouse, the technology in running operations, the breadth of services offered, and the price and what it includes.

How Brendamour Stands Out From the Rest

When it comes to differentiating ourselves from other 3PLs, it comes down to three words: flexibility, proactive and innovative. Here’s how we deliver the warehousing, distribution and auxiliary services that our clients need:

Management Expertise: Public warehousing and distribution is only as good as the people at the helm. At Brendamour, our founding team has the education and business experience necessary to properly manage and run an economically efficient logistics company.

Advanced Technology: Since opening for business in 1983, technology has been our backbone. Logistics cannot be performed effectively or efficiently without it, which is why we are constantly updating our operations with the latest technology enhancements. Very few warehousing and distribution services compare with our advanced technology systems, including a:

    • Web-based warehouse management system, complete with barcoding applications, for real-time inventory control, shipping and tracking;
    • Highly automated order fulfillment and order picking, including a gravity conveyor system and fully adapted shipping and routing computer;
    • Computerized office, complete with computer equipment and programs, for accurate and efficient handling and inventorying of your goods.

High Quality Service: The infrastructure of warehouse and distribution facilities makes all the difference in the performance of 3PL companies. At Brendamour’s four public warehouses serving the Midwest, including the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, you’ll find modern facilities with the most complete security measures, including 24/7 security monitoring that includes recording systems and camera monitoring, and protection devices, including motion, door and sprinkler alarms. Our sophisticated infrastructure also includes high-tech equipment that allows us to provide high quality services not found at other public warehousing companies. Among them are:

    • Lift Trucks that handle any type of goods, whether arriving by truck or rail. Our complement of hydraulic lift equipment includes fork trucks, roll clamp trucks, slip sheet handlers and box clamp trucks.
    • Racking Systems that accommodate storage of any size or type of merchandise, particularly items that can’t be stacked.
    • Food-Grade Warehousing to meet the needs of clients with food-related products that require sanitary conditions.
    • Support Services, such as light assembly, premium fulfillment, pick and pack, custom labeling/barcoding and more.

Why Our Diverse Services Matter to You

When businesses seek out public warehousing and distribution, they’re looking for an extension of their company to handle certain or all aspects of supply chain management. By offering a wide range of warehousing, processing, packing, import and export, and distribution services, we can fulfill any application our clients require. To us, outsourced logistics does not mean having to compromise control, processes, quality, or customer satisfaction. Rather, logistics services provided by Brendamour ensure that you will:

  • Continue to provide your customers with the high level of excellence they have come to expect from doing business with you.
  • Have more streamlined and efficient handling, storage, inventory control and distribution.
  • Gain greater control over your supply chain because you can manage in real-time.
  • Save money in your logistics operations.

When it comes to trusting a public warehouse to store and move your product, Brendamour Warehousing has the track record and achievements for delivering competitive warehousing, distribution and other logistics services that will allow your company to run more efficiently so you can deliver the highest level of excellence to your customers.

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