How Public Warehousing Can Enhance Your Business Reputation

No matter your type of business or whether you conduct business online or at a storefront, your business reputation can make or break the success of your company. Logistics, from warehousing to fulfillment to distribution, is one area where many businesses stumble and fail to provide top-notch customer service. That’s because most businesses choose to handle the rather complex area of warehousing and distribution in-house instead of sourcing a 3PL like Brendamour that specializes in carrying out the entire supply chain process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Take a look at three key ways public warehousing can improve your business reputation.

Public Warehousing Ensures Stock Availability

When you think about it, nothing harms your business reputation more than not consistently having inventory available to fill orders. Product availability also is a deciding factor on whether your customers stay with you long term. If you’re out-of-stock, you leave your customers no other choice but to find a competitor who isn’t.

From a business profitability standpoint, your resources should be invested mainly in your core business, whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, store owner, or any other type of business owner. But if you look at your business expenses, you’ll probably find that inventory management is using a lot more resources than expected. Managing stock is a time-consuming and costly function, especially if you are doing it in-house. Outsourcing the task to public warehouse providers is often the more economical approach.

At Brendamour’s public warehousing facilities, businesses are never caught off guard with out-of-stock situations because our advanced automated warehousing management system flawlessly manages inventory and accurately tracks stock levels so you are alerted in plenty of time when reordering is necessary. The goal at Brendamour Warehousing is to ensure you’re never confronted with not having enough stock to fill customers’ orders. After all, if you can’t fill the order, you can’t make money.

Third-Party Logistics Providers Move Goods Better

No business wants the reputation of being unreliable when it comes to delivering goods to customers. In today’s world, buyers expect orders within days, not weeks, and those expectations are narrowing either further to same day or next day deliveries. Yet, it’s almost impossible for businesses to meet delivery demands and focus on their core business functions. Those who have tried have only ruined their business reputation by not meeting customer expectations.

Most major companies use third party logistics providers, like Brendamour, for distribution.  Because distribution is our business, we have many more options available to us to move your goods to meet your delivery dates. All of our distribution services are designed to ensure your business reputation soars when it comes to getting the goods in the hands of your end-users to meet their expectations.

Public Warehouses Improve Your Service to Customers

When businesses take on functions outside of their core business, they’re not able to invest in them fully. Such is the case with doing warehousing, distribution and other logistics in-house. Without allocating the proper staffing and providing funding to continuously update automated systems, businesses are unable to maximize their returns on logistics. More importantly, they miss the mark on providing five-star customer service in many areas.

Public warehouses, on the other hand, operate in a customer-focused manner that enables businesses to grow and build a stellar business reputation. At Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services, our automated systems benefit your customers in many ways, including:

  • Product in stock when they need it;
  • Proper storage and handling so goods arrive undamaged and with a good use date;
  • Quick assistance as to the status of their order;
  • Real-time order tracking;
  • Customized packaging and labeling;
  • Fast and accurate delivery;
  • Quick response to special orders.

If you want to learn more about enhancing your business reputation by using our warehousing, distribution and other order fulfilment, packaging and logistics services, simply get in touch with us. At Brendamour Warehousing and Distribution, we’re all about delivering the highest in customer service to our clients so they, in turn, can increase customer loyalty to their customers.


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