How Public Warehousing Can Improve Your Inventory Accuracy

Inventory is a puzzle that very few businesses get right. Too much inventory and it’s costing you money. Too little inventory when you need it also costs you money. But accurately managing inventory doesn’t have to be so puzzling. In fact, when you store your inventory in a public warehouse, like Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services, you can say goodbye to inaccurate inventories and enjoy the savings to your bottom line that inventory accuracy brings.

It’s All in the Warehouse Management System

One way to eliminate inventory inaccuracy is by implementing technologies like automated bar coding systems. Working in conjunction with these technologies, Brendamour’s web-based warehouse management system goes deep with features that ensure an accurate inventory of your goods by providing real-time inventory counts.

By tracking each piece of your inventory, you reduce errors in ordering too much or too little inventory. It allows your business to account for each and every item, whether it was sold, returned, or still in inventory. You’re also able to better manage counts and distribution, providing you with a fairly reliable inventory forecasting tool that helps determine which customers are ordering your goods most and how often.

Organized Warehousing

If your company warehouses inventory in-house, take a look at the storage areas. Are they overcrowded and unorganized? If so, your inventory is probably suffering. No doubt, goods are at risk for damage due to overcrowded areas and thrown out without adjusting inventory counts. And the lack of organization is probably making it difficult to take accurate counts, let alone accurate picking of orders.

At Brendamour Warehousing and Distribution, your inventory is well cared for in a well-lit, organized area on customized racking systems to accommodate the type and size of your products, maximize square footage to save you money, and ensure more accurate order picking.

In addition, our fleet of modern hydraulic lift trucks and the well-trained and experienced personnel who operate them, ensure your goods are moved with care, eliminating handling damage.

Improving Your Processes

Another way to ensure an accurate inventory is to evaluate your processes and procedures. Inventory accuracy starts with clearly defined processes that involve contributions from all internal departments within the business that impact inventory, as well as third-party vendors whose functions affect inventory. In examining your business processes, look for areas where errors can occur that impact inventory counts and brainstorm ways to reduce or eliminate them.

Once you’ve established an inventory process that incorporates seamlessly into your other business processes, be sure to document them with a procedure to ensure employees and outside vendors follow the process to maintain inventory integrity.

A public warehouse can easily streamline your company’s processes and procedures through its automated warehouse management system that tracks inventory and manages inventory levels. This reduces paperwork, which can bog down the process and create errors and omissions.

Look for third-party logistics (3PL) providers, like Brendamour Warehousing, that have a web-based system so you can authorize as many employees as you like to access the inventory management system from anywhere at any time. With such a system, monitoring inventory is a much easier and less cumbersome process.

Automatic Compliance Monitoring

Public warehousing utilizes automated equipment and systems to receive, store and distribute goods. Their processes and procedures complement those of their customers and set even higher standards for handling inventory, as well as tasks that specifically involve or relate to inventory.

Because the process is automated, compliance to inventory procedures is much easier and provides accountability. Less time is spent tracking inventory accuracy per employee, organization and third-party vendors.

Physical Inventory Counts

Year-end inventory counts are commonplace in many businesses, but a public warehouse facility can make the process less tedious and ensure it does not interrupt regular business functions. For example, Brendamour has the trained staff to perform cycle counting on any frequency your business prefers. This service provides a backup inventory check to identify any discrepancies, resolve them and put process enhancements in place to ensure they don’t happen again.

Flexible to Changes

Businesses need to constantly evolve to compete in the global marketplace, which is why business processes may need to be revisited periodically. That’s where the web-based warehouse management system comes into play in making the changes effortlessly.

As a 3PL public warehouse, Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services is designed to be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. Whenever your processes and procedures are revised, they are easily updated into our automated systems and put into practice immediately.

Get the Goods on Brendamour’s Inventory Accuracy Plan

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to inventory accuracy. Let Brendamour work with your business to build a reliable inventory accuracy plan for your goods. Contact us today to learn about our warehousing and inventory management systems. With Brendamour as your 3PL, your business will achieve higher levels of inventory accuracy than ever before!


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