Save Time and Money with Our Web-Based Warehouse Management System

For companies looking to streamline inventory control, shipping and receiving, billing and other business operations, plus enhance customer service, a warehouse management system (WMS) is the way to go. But Brendamour Warehousing takes such a system to a higher level by providing its clients with an innovative web-based warehouse management system. With it, you can:

  • Get real time updates of warehouse activities so you can perform more succinct warehouse planning and better inventory management.
  • Access all your warehousing and logistics matters 24/7/365 from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. You or any authorized employees can go online at any time and view your company’s inventory information in real-time. Having up-to-the-minute information means you can better manage your stock and deliver reliable customer service to your customers.
  • Enhance customer service. With a real-time warehouse inventory system, you’re in the loop with warehousing and logistics activities being performed for your business. Instant communications can take place between you and Brendamour Warehousing, between you and your supply vendor(s) or manufacturers, and between you and your customers.

Advantages of Online Warehouse Management Software

As a third-party logistics provider, Brendamour Warehousing uses a web-based warehouse management system simply because it gives clients more tools, greater options and mobile flexibility without the costs of purchasing hardware, hiring IT personnel, performing system maintenance, or entering into long-term contracts. An on-demand system software integrates into your existing infrastructure and gives a real-time look into warehousing solutions being performed for you offsite.

What’s particularly beneficial about a web-based inventory management system is it’s all inclusive. Better still, with all-in-one warehouse software, you pay only for the services you use. For example, Brendamour Warehousing can offer its clients a la carte warehouse management services based on their needs and scale the services as their business grows. This makes warehouse inventory management affordable for small businesses and adaptable for large companies.

Functions of a Web-Based Warehouse Management System

A web-based WMS can perform a host of activities that save time, provide better business practices and deliver higher quality customer service. Here are some of the many automated functions a web-based warehouse management system can do for you:

  • Online real-time inventory management that you can view by serial number, pallet ID number, lot number, or expiration date so you can track supply and demand fluctuations and ensure your goods are available to your customers when they need them. Real-time stock management prevents shortage of stock, which means greater customer satisfaction.
  • Bar code tracking using the system’s barcode tools enables your business to quickly and easily track the movement of your goods during the entire distribution process. This allows you to easily provide your customers with the latest details about their transaction.
  • Supply chain activities that save time, including cost estimating; order allocation management; receiving goods; barcode scanning; pick management by bin priority or FIFO; kitting functions; creating customized packing slips; shipping orders; billing; accounting and reporting; and notification of customer relations concerns.
  • Electronic data exchange (EDI) for complete order management so your company can communicate quickly and efficiency among manufacturers, distributors, vendors and customers.
  • Real-time, customized reports that give up-to-the-minute status and monthly, quarterly and yearly views of inventory, shipments, parcel tracking, billing and other warehousing activities. Your business can practice environmentally sound “green” measures by reducing your use of paper. An online WMS promotes paperless transactions, with all documentation saved in secured servers for access anytime.

With the Brendamour web-based warehouse management system, your entire fulfillment process is automated, ensuring a streamlined, error-free procedure. Learn more about it today by visiting our Contact Us page.


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