See How 3PLs Can Lower Your Costs While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

A successful business is one that has found the perfect balance between keeping costs down while achieving high customer satisfaction. There’s definitely a science to it, and data is certainly at the forefront, providing the analysis business owners need to deliver value to customers while growing the bottom line.

One thing that all successful businesses have in common is focusing on their core competencies. That’s why most outsource their warehousing, distribution, and logistics to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. In doing so, they have discovered the ways a 3PL can reduce their costs of doing business while increasing customer satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Logistics Analysis

Third-party logistics companies just don’t provide a service. They form a partnership with you and are equally dedicated to reducing your company’s costs. When hiring a 3PL, it first performs a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain to determine where savings are hidden.

Some areas where Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services often finds opportunities to save costs for businesses are:

  • Order fulfillment, by automating the process;
  • Shipping, by consolidating orders;
  • Distribution, by switching to more efficient and less costly transportation methods;
  • Supply chain, by shortening it to eliminate redundant administrative tasks, reduce fuel usage, and minimize disruptions within it.

More Efficient Warehousing

Public warehouses are typically more efficient than in-house storage because they are equipped with the latest in warehouse management equipment and technology. And a more efficient working warehouse reduces the number of times an order is touched.

At Brendamour Warehousing, our advanced warehouse management system  better connect the entire supply chain, from suppliers to carriers to customers. These systems have been proven to better control costs.

Expedited Shipping and Lower Costs

Third-party logistics providers have a proven record of expediting shipment of your goods and lowering distribution costs. This is accomplished through well-established shipping networks and the implementation of a variety of transportation management tools and strategies.

Some of the mechanisms Brendamour has in place to lower your costs and enhance customer service are:

  • Load consolidation to reduce your logistics costs.
  • Diverse shipping methods, such as partial truckloads or multi-drop truckloads, to meet your customers’ delivery expectations.
  • Strategies to reduce shipping costs and fees.

Partner with Brendamour

When looking for the best 3PL, look no further than Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services. We have the best warehouse facilities for your goods, the latest technology and equipment to perform the most efficient order processing and order fulfillment functions for your business, and optimal shipping networks to deliver the highest service to your customers.

Our comprehensive 3PL services are adaptable to your business and scalable to meet your company’s supply and demand needs. This flexibility also allows us to quickly respond to the fluctuating demands of the market, your business, and the customers your business serves.

For a more customized look at how we can lower your costs while increasing customer satisfaction, contact Brendamour Warehousing for a free consultation. In no time at all, your company will enjoy lower logistics costs and better service to your customers.

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