Top 10 Ways Businesses Use Brendamour Warehousing

Our name – Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services – says it all. We’re logistics specialists, but that only touches the surface of the many different services we provide to businesses. After all, every company is unique in what it needs from a public warehouse, so we don’t limit ourselves to the types of amenities we can provide to meet those unique needs. To demonstrate just how wide-ranging our services can be, we’ve created a Top 10 list (hey, if David Letterman can have one, so can we!) of the top ways businesses are using Brendamour’s services. We hope our Top 10 list introduces you to the many tasks Brendamour can perform for you.

Number 1: Public Warehousing

It’s our specialty, but we do much more than just warehouse your products. While many businesses using our services store their finished goods or raw material either long or short term, there are others that store raw materials, food grade products, or machinery because our public warehouse is equipped with specialized racking storage and bulk storage systems.

Number 2: Distribution

Shipping and receiving are also among our specialties, but there are many ways we manage and distribute goods for our clients. Some of our warehousing clients have asked us to do a distribution of phased shipments, while other businesses might need stock rotation, palletizing, or computer inventory as part of their distribution services. Some clients need us to store and compile special materials, and many companies rely on us for order fulfillment and order processing. This might entail order picking, readying an order for a single shipment or continuous movement, or pick and pack.

Number 3: Transportation Management

When it comes to managing the transportation of goods for our clients, we have lots of avenues to tap into to get the best service at the lowest price. The majority of businesses use our contract trucking services, which include interstate and intrastate freight transportation. For smaller businesses, we have contracts with all the major shipping carriers and even provide local delivery and pick-up services.

Number 4: Foreign Trade Services

Brendamour Warehousing, Services and Distribution is a designated foreign trade zone. This means we can store, test, assemble, relabel, repack, repair, or perform other services on products outside United States commerce without incurring import duties. We have businesses that are importers who use our foreign trade zone to export from our warehousing facilities without paying duties, except when transporting products for sale in the United States. However, by using our foreign trade zone, those duty charges are much lower.

Number 5: Packing Services

Often times, companies need our custom packing services, such as crating or boxing. Or sometimes, companies might need custom packing of certain goods. We developed our packing services to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of any business.

Number 6: Special Processing

Bundling, Labeling, Stretch Wrapping and Inspection are just some of the many special processing services we do for our warehousing clients. Our special processing services are far-reaching to accommodate the wide-ranging requests we receive.

Number 7: Assembly Work

Assembly work is one of our many popular support services. We have the resources to perform assembly work and ensure the work is done to your quality standards. Among the types of assembly work we have done for our clients are kitting, building club store pallets or displays, and light assembly.

Number 8: Office Rental Space

Our office rental space developed from a need we recognized among our clients, particularly companies with a traveling sales force or e-commerce businesses, who needed a place to perform business functions. We offer single and multi-office arrangements and provide secretarial or phone answer service, computer and word processing services, and copy services.

Number 9: Import and Export Services

Brendamour has relationships with the top import and export service companies. We are able to coordinate with them to ensure that your products are taken care of from their origin all the way to our warehouse. With these relationships you never have to worry about your products in transit.

Number 10: Bulk Mailing

Very few third-party logistics providers offer bulk mailing as part of their processing services, but Brendamour Warehousing believes it’s a service important to our clients’ success. We’ve done advertising kit preparation and have the capabilities to handle all aspects of bulk mailing processing.

Our Top 10 list is just a capsule of what we do every day for businesses of all types and sizes. If there’s a service you need done but don’t see it on the list, simply contact us. We’re sure we can meet your needs.

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