What to Look for in a Distribution Service

For most businesses, third-party distribution is essential for getting their goods out to suppliers, stores, customers, agents, or other parties in their supply chain. However, the ability of a distribution service to distribute quickly, accurately and cost efficiently can make or break a business.

When outsourcing your transportation management to a warehousing and distribution company, it’s important to do your research ahead of time so you know exactly what the distribution center can handle and how it handles it.

Ask Questions First

At Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services, we love getting questions from prospective clients. Since the distribution segment of our third-party logistics company is technology-driven, we handle a full range of distribution avenues and can customize our services to address unique needs. Nevertheless, it’s important that we have a good understanding of your needs and that you know our distribution capabilities.

These five main questions can get the conversation started:

  1. What is included in your distribution service?
  2. How many distribution channels can you manage simultaneously?
  3. What are the various transportation methods that you use?
  4. How do you track distribution?
  5. Can your distribution system quickly adjust to handle peak times or growing demand?

Evaluate the Services

Distribution services may vary between 3PL providers. For some public warehouses, distribution may just cover transportation management, such as shipping and receiving. At others, it may incorporate a wider range of services. For instance at Brendamour Warehousing and Distribution, our distribution services include shipping and receiving and delivery services, as well as computer inventory, palletizing; stock rotation; fulfillment and order processing; and storing and compiling special materials. Of course, you only pay for the services you use, when you need them.

Compare the Differences

As a leading logistics warehouse in the Ohio area, Brendamour Warehousing takes proactive steps to ensure our distribution methods are keeping pace with (or exceeding!) the needs of our clients. As an example, on-demand transportation has become a much-requested service among our clients. As a result, we fine-tuned our existing on demand transit services so we could offer lower rates for clients who needed this specialized service, whether it’s transport by plane, train, full truck load, direct exclusive courier, or international.

To make sure our distribution services continuously deliver in customer satisfaction and cost-savings, we give them a three-point examination every year that includes the following:

  1. Contract Renegotiations – We’re able to optimize freight costs for our warehousing and distribution clients because each year we renegotiate our freight and carrier contracts. Our knowledge in identifying pricing opportunities, route differentials and carrier selection gives us leverage in securing low rates.
  2. Data Analysis – We have the most advanced warehouse management system that allows us to pull supply chain data and analyze it to find cost saving opportunities in all phases of our logistics, including transportation management services. The leaner and more efficient we perform, the greater the savings to you.
  3. Distribution Optimization – We look at areas that will provide cost-savings to our clients while still maintaining the highest level of distribution services. Some distribution strategies we review and enhance as necessary include route optimization, load consolidation, zone skipping, mode shifting and cross docking.

Brendamour Delivers

Your business deserves a warehousing and distribution company that delivers expertise in centralized transportation management, including all modes of transportation and full use of a real-time distribution system. Brendamour delivers in all facets of distribution. Contact us today and let us put our distribution expertise to work for you.

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