Why Lift Trucks Matter When Selecting a Public Warehouse for Your Business

One type of lift truck utilized at Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services

Lift trucks are critical pieces of equipment in a public warehouse. They are essential for moving your goods throughout the warehouse in a safe manner.

In order to minimize damage to your goods, checking the type of hydraulic lift equipment in use before selecting a public warehouse should be an important part of your decision-making.

Why should a public warehouse’s lift trucks matter to your business? Take a look.

Damage Control

If a public warehouse does not use the proper type of forklift to handle your goods, damage to the containers or pallet rack collapse can result.

Damaged goods can cause a significant loss to your business and impact your customers’ businesses as well.

Lift Capacity

All lift truck models have a lift capacity, but not all storage facilities are equipped with vehicles that can handle all dimensions and weights.

A public warehouse with a fleet of forklifts capable of handling large loads, both in height and weight, as well as nonstandard dimensions, can better serve your needs and prevent damage to your goods.

Better Space Utilization

With public warehousing, you pay for the amount of space you use. The type of lift trucks used in the facility can help optimize the utilization of space for your goods, thus saving you money.

Forklifts come in all sorts of configurations and options, so look for public warehouses that are equipped with lift vehicles that optimize space and use of labor.

Performance Versatility

You’re probably familiar with the standard forklift, but there are other lift trucks that modern public warehouses utilize to provide more versatility in moving goods.

For example, reach trucks are best for safely storing your goods on racked pallets, while an order selector vehicle is best for manually loading and unloading less than pallet loads on racking systems.

In addition, lift truck operators can add different attachments to standard forklifts to accommodate goods requiring special handling.

For instance, Brendamour Warehousing uses a sideshift attachment that slides left and right for more accuracy and flexibility in placing your goods on our racking system. There’s also a fork positioner attachment for ease of placement of different crate and pallet sizes.

There are also attachments to handle slip sheets when pallets are not used, paper roll clamps, prongs, large and small size drums, carton clamps, and fork extensions for handling longer loads.

Some public warehouses are also equipped with other types of pallet handling vehicles, such as turret trucks, to give them more versatility in stocking pallets on either side of an aisle or to accommodate different aisle widths or space sizes.

Ease of Trailer Loading

Loading trailer trucks to get your goods on their way to their final destination is another key usage of lift trucks. You want to be sure when selecting a public warehouse that it can handle loading of truck carriers, parcel carriers, and local delivery trucks.

At Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services, we have the equipment and automated conveyor systems to handle a diverse range of goods, no matter their size or shape, and whether they are in crates, pallets, bundles, totes, reusable containers, drums, non-pallet unit loads, parcels, carts, rolls, loose and oversized, or bulk materials.

Brendamour Warehousing Offers Top-Notch Materials Handling

Brendamour Warehousing, Distribution & Services is equipped with a wide array of lift trucks and modern hydraulic lift equipment to accommodate the types of goods we store and the manner in which they come into our warehouse.

Our fleet of forklift trucks with box clamp, roll clamp and slipsheet attachments gives us the push/pull system we need to handle your load with the best of care and in the most cost-efficient manner.

In addition to our state-of-the-art equipment, the warehouse staff at Brendamour is highly skilled and certified in the maintenance and operation of all the types of forklifts and hydraulic lift equipment we utilize.

We also give our drivers the opportunity to refresh their driving skills with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved safety courses, as well as training in racking systems, rack load tolerances and rack inspections. Our drivers are also well trained in stacking loads to ensure the weight is balanced.

Trust your goods to the experts in warehousing, distribution and logistics. We have the expertise in materials handling to ensure your goods are well taken care of when in our care. Contact Brendamour and start realizing the many benefits of using our public warehouse with third party logistics (3PL) services.

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